Il Castello di Monterado stands on the top of a typical hillock of Le Marche, surrounded by the coloured flowers of a big Italian garden and a wood of centuries-old trees.
You can experience an exclusive view from here, on the one hand you can see the Cesano valley and the sea and on the other hand the gentle peaks of the Appennines.
The Castle has spacious halls with recently restored terracotta vaulted ceiling coming from the ancient basements overlooking the garden inside the castles bastions, and offers the ideal atmosphere for exclusive meetings, ceremonies, weddings, private parties, and special events.
Here you can experience the emotions of your best and most important events of your life and job, inside the quietness of a romantic and cosy atmosphere.
The Price Massimiliano di Beauharnais, Napoleons nephew, wanted to spend here his honeymoon. Since there, you can still smell the pleasure of beauty, the scent of time and history. [show more...]