Not far from the Portico della Mercanzia (1385), Palazzo Isolani faces at n.16 Piazza Santo Stefano, recently restored. Surrounded by marvellous buildings with splendid pastel coloured faades and by the millenary Basilica (X-XIII century) with its magnificent cloisters, this square is one of the most charming places in Italy.
Palazzo Isolani has been an outstanding building since the XV century. At that time it used to be owned by the Fiessi family, then in 1500 it became the residence of the senators branch of the Lupari family and in 1671 it was inherited by the Isolani family.
In 1708 the works of reconstruction on the via Santo Stefano side of the building started, proceeding from the faade and based on the project by architect Giuseppe Antonio Torri, and the building was completed in 1778.
Palazzo Isolani keeps the original XVI century courtyard, the famous helicoidal staircase by Vignola and the lounges frescoed by Francesco Stagni for the quadratura and by Giuseppe Valliani for the images. The frescoes painted on the ceiling of the XVIII century hall portraying the triumph of Felsina and of the Isolani Family are attributed to Giuseppe and Antonio Rolli.
Today Palazzo Isolani welcomes its guests in the refined and prestigious atmosphere of its reception lounges, with their XVIII century architecture and furniture highlighting its exceptional atmosphere.
Its ground floor lounges may host dinners for up to 400 seated guests and, considering the two separated entrance halls available, they can also be used partially.
The new 210 square metres of space obtained from former cellars offer further chances of use.