Lit by the enchanting light of the Samnite hills that gently plunge into a vast land of luxuriant vineyards and majestic silvery olive trees, Palazzo Pecci is a wonderful architectural complex in San Leucio del Sannio, 7 km far from Benevento. It is an open museum that holds the centuries-old history of Zamparellis, an old noble family, and that has hosted famous people like Pope Leo XIII.
Nowadays, Palazzo Pecci, with its beautiful gardens, 1,500 m2 of well-finished English grass, fountains, a tuff eighteenth-century cellar, typical of the Samnite area, and its authentic mosaics that cover the floors of the different rooms, is the ideal location for an exclusive dream-like wedding reception, in the name of excellence and prestige. The wonderful shades of the surrounding nature, the fabulous atmosphere that surrounds any corner of Palazzo Pecci, and the rare elegance of its rooms are the ideal ingredients to turn the best day of your life into a magical dream. Everything is supervised by a careful service provided by the expert staff of qualified professionals. The wedding planner of Palazzo Pecci, Giusy Cavuoto, will gently and meticulously support the bride and the groom step by step, in order to organize a perfect reception and create a magical atmosphere during the big day.
The versatile and functional Palazzo Pecci makes available all rooms and areas of the establishment. From the wonderful lava-stone entrance, dating back to the first years of the XX century, to the immense garden consisting of 1,500 m2 of English grass and centuries-old olive trees, which is well-finished and very suggestive thanks to the evocative rainbow of flowers that enrich the old olive press. There is also a 320 m2 elegant reception hall, which is adorned with great windows that allow the guests to admire a fantastic pool with a fall. The romantic and panoramic terrace that, with its 350 m2, offers a beautiful view on the Samnite hills: from the “Sleeping Beauty” of Mount Taburno to Montevergine, from Matese to the Barba strait, and even to Benevento itself. A wonderful and breath-taking show that represents the perfect location for the typical cake-cutting with a final toast.
And while the bride and the groom will be busy with their photos, their guests can visit Palazzo Pecci and discover its beauties: from the eighteenth-century cellar, containing eighteenth-and-nineteenth-century books, to the accurate restoration of paintings and furniture, and even the fantastic mosaics on the floor. Finally, a luxurious and elegant suite will be available for the bride and the groom if they decide to spend their first night in this prestigious historic residence, full of beauty and charm.
Palazzo Pecci hosts only one wedding per day and reserves free two suites for newlyweds.