In the vibrant heart of Bologna, steeped in the style of the historic center and gleaming with history and beauty, stands Palazzo Savioli, an extraordinary residence of the senatorial nobility. Once belonging to Ludovico Savioli, a gentleman of the 18th century, flag-bearer of justice, lyric and historical poet, member of the Bolognese Arcadia with the name 'Lavisio Egenetico', author of the Annales, a monumental yet unfinished historiographic work of the place, and senator since 1770, by brief of the pope at the time, Clemente XIV Ganganelli from Cesena.
It is a dwelling where a magnificent past unites with an aristocratically alluring present: its halls have hosted Lord Byron during his stay in Bologna, nobility, high prelates, and still retain all the beauty and splendor that have distinguished them for centuries. In the 16th century, when it belonged to the Senator Guidotti, the residence was decorated with rare works of art and wonderful friezes: since then, in 1605, the Palace passed to the Fontana family and then to their heirs, the Counts Savioli. In 1772, Ludovico Savioli began a construction involving the most famous artists of the time: today, Palazzo Savioli consists of a wide relaxation area, a noble kitchen with catering access, a generously sized Luxury Suite, decorated with valuable frescoes and adorned with evocative ancient pharmacy vases, and three splendid frescoed Halls, ideal frames for unforgettable events.
The Dynasty Hall, spacious and bright, enriched with marvelous Renaissance frescoes painted by Pietro Fabbri, testifies to the opulent past of the mansion, while the Hercules Hall, decorated with Landolfi's "Amore e Psiche", represents a happy marriage of ancient and modern, offering the best of technology in a sublime context.
Finally, the Hall of Reflections, as its name suggests, is a jewel of iridescent glimmers, embellished with frescoes and mirrors, making a perfect connection with the outdoor spaces. A magical and enchanted atmosphere where every wish will be fulfilled with the typical welcoming and quality of the place, in a refined customization for an unforgettable wedding.
The ample spaces offered by the Palace are also ideal for a civil ceremony in a unique and precious location, revealed from the inner courtyard of the palace, overlooked by the large terrace of the Palace, where a refined terracotta sculpture from the 18th century is kept, depicting Saint Vincent de Paul.