Palazzo Tornielli, occupied by the owner and meticulously restored in every detail, from the coffered ceilings of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, to the frescoes, to the cathedral windows, to the original period features floors, you can still feel, in every room, in every particular, an atmosphere of a living history and continues combining a glorious past to a prestigious present, where each event, whether wedding, banquet, or at cultural associations, refreshments or lunch in the garden, it is framed in a unique atmosphere, magical and unforgettable.
At Palazzo Tornielli have 4 Infernot one of which recently opened to visits of guests and of the public. The infernot are dug in a peculiar geological formation found only in Monferrato, so called Pietra da Cantoni or in Tuff. The Infernot of Palazzo Tornielli has all the characteristics typical of this architectural form in the presence of a large cellar with oak barrels in the late nineteenth century and to follow a wonderful Infernot dug directly into the tuff. The newly renovated space is ideal for cocktails or meeting aimed at the rediscovery of traditions and cultures that characterize the region of Monferrato.