Amongst the hills of Lake Iseo and the vineyards of Franciacorta is located Palazzo Torri, a splendid noble mansion built in the 1600s.
During the 1700s the palace was renovated with frescoes, decorations and baroque forniture and it was transformed in a so called villa of delights.
Palazzo Torri is one of the few historic houses where you can stay with
your family and your closest friends and celebrate the most important moments: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or any other special moment. Some dream days to spend in rooms elegantly furnished, in frescoed halls, in flowery exteriors, immersed in the silence of the hills of the famous Franciacorta wine.
In 1870, the ownership passed to Alessandro and Paolina Torri who were the promoters of a cultural gathering, where parties, meetings, debates and literary, musical and artistic events took place. The important guests who visited the place very often spent some time there. [show more...]