"No gulf in the world shines more brightly than the pleasant Baia," wrote Horace. A place of "otium" and "amoenitas," or relaxation and beauty, the ancient Baia lies submerged and preserved, frozen in time but always ready to unfold its treasures and take its visitors back to the time of the carefree vacations of Roman patricians and emperors. Legend has it that Hercules, returning from his mythical labors, had rested in these places the oxen taken from Geryon. In Latin "boalia," from which the name Baia originates. And it is here, nestled on one of the two promontories overlooking the Gulf of Baia and its fascinating sunken city, that Punta Castello lies. A dream-like location located beside the tip of Epitaffio, which is the far end of the famous Via Herculanea. Embraced by the rolling hillside carved with warm and persuasive colors, this amazing fine mansion, which boasts its foundations in the strong walls of the hot springs, is today the ultimate location for all those couples who wish to make their dream of love come true most romantically and exclusively imaginable. The most charming part is the Roman Galleries, where it is still possible to marvel at the pattern of the opus reticulatum on the walls, and which dive directly into the sea, offering a breathtaking view to the bride and groom who want to toast caressed by the sea breeze and take unforgettable ritual shots to be cherished jealously in their hearts. There are also spacious and sunny terraces, which offer the ideal setting for a romantic and unique outdoor reception and are further beautified by a spectacular swimming pool suspended between the sky and the sea, an unmissable set for the fateful cutting of the cake under the stars that light up the sea. The property also provides the bride and groom with two exquisite and stylish rooms capable of accommodating up to 130 guests equipped with modern furnishings and very bright and large windows overlooking the sea, making the atmosphere highly romantic and unique. Here arches and vaulted ceilings with a circular shape give the environment a timeless charm that will transform the wedding banquet into a memorable, exclusive, and unique event. Everything is supervised by a highly qualified staff keen to fulfill every wish of the newlyweds, who will be treated with 360-degree care and attention in the organization tailored to them. This delightful historic house also offers its guests the option of enjoying the culinary wonders of Naples through a refined yet genuine cuisine that blends taste with innovation thanks to the meticulous selection of strictly local raw materials and a long experience rooted in passion and tradition.