The perfect wedding is possible. But a beautiful and captivating location is not enough. You also need a secure harbour. Something that is not that easy to find, even in the most charming locations for weddings.
Quel Quid Location is exactly that. Nomen omen, as Latins used to say. In this historic house surrounded by paddies of Novara, the keyword is only one: perfection, which rhymes with emotion. But not with preoccupation: it is the great absentee during the weddings celebrated in Quel Quid. Thanks to the experience and passion that always encourage the team of this fantastic prestigious house, the newlyweds shall worry about nothing and can serenely enjoy every moment of the best day of their lives. From the biggest receptions to the cosiest ones, Quel Quid always offers the most suitable environment to create an exclusive, unforgettable, and high-quality event, in perfect combination between tradition and innovation. [show more...]