Nestled in the throbbing heart of Chianti, Relais Vignale was born from the skilful restoration of an old eighteenth-century farm house. Since the beginning, its history intersects with the one of the prince of wine: Chianti, the classic one with the black rooster seal. The wine of wines!
The first proofs of its existence date back to 1700, when some of Grand Duke Peter of Lorraine’s documents mentioned the former owners, the Falconi, who were wine traders. Then, the Pianigiani family replaced them and improved and considerably increased wine production. The prestige of Vignale was sealed in 1924, when inside its walls the “Black Rooster” certificate of incorporation was signed. It is the historic consortium born to preserve the typical wine of Chianti and its original brand. The original documents testify this continuity. [show more...]