The refined eighteenth-century countryside atmosphere is more radiant than ever in a wonderful rural house, nestled in the heart of the lovely and luxuriant Brescian countryside, which shows the charm typical of excellence: Residenza La Casina. This beautiful historic house was built during the end of the XVIII century and is the ideal location for a charming, unforgettable, and unique wedding. La Casina has a peculiar open-courtyard structure: it consists of an internal farmyard, surrounded by a wonderful and refined park that covers ten thousand hectares, and is equipped with any comfort, like gazebos, sofas, “sails”, and tables for dragées and wedding-cake cutting. An absolutely perfect scenario for evocative photoshoots, with fantastic and breath-taking views.
In the middle of the park, there is the biolake, a perfect structure in its ecosystem, which is adorned with fountains and water games. [show more...]