The Restaurant "Villa Garzoni" fits perfectly in the elegant setting of Garzoni Garden.
It is collocaded in the "Spaccio di Pola", one of the old farm buildings next to the flower garden, lovingly restored. In this charming environment, meat dishes, game and fresh fish that are the right match between the flavors of the Tuscan tradition and innovation of contemporary cuisine.
The menu created by Chef Iacopo Vannini is simple and elegant, original, the result of careful attention to the choice of raw materials and presentation. Equally refined is the wine list that boasts both a wide selection of Italian origin, both French and also the chance to buy the bottles directly from the winery.
The environment spontaneously reflects the characteristics of the kitchen: elegance and accuracy in a relaxed atmosphere. The space can accommodate up to eighty seats distributed in two rooms: a wider beamed ceiling, the other more intimate feel - the Saletta Serra - with a magnificent view over the parterre of Garzoni Garden.
On the ground floor there is the cafe-bar Spaccio di Pola, with outdoor seating, where you can enjoy breakfast or quick lunch: a well-stocked assortment of salads, breads, wraps, pasta dishes, etc., all rigorously expressed. A small stand gives the opportunity to purchase some local products.
Not just a restaurant, then, but a place that offers suggestions for all different times of day and for many different occasions, in a lovely setting and sophisticated.