There are many legends about the Castello di Rosciano. For example, one says that the “seeker friar’s ghost” appears to people that go into the woods looking for mushrooms. Another says that the noble Tancredo’s ghost hunts the castle, especially during the banquets, therefore there is always an extra place at table for him. And the very sad legend of the Tower Lady, who has shut herself up in her room wavering and waiting for her husband coming back from Crusades in the Holy Land.
Apart from this, if you cross the threshold of this majestic castle, which from the hills between Torgiano and Bettona dominates the entire Valle del Tevere, you can perceive a clear and strong echo of history. An intense and vibrating history, which dates back to the Etruscan, Roman, and Longobard periods, till the Year 1000, when the fortalice used to be considered an impregnable place, thanks to its high walls and the presence of two deep ditches surrounding it. [show more...]