The monastery of S. Francesco is situated in the outskirts of Gallese, a small town in the Northen Side of Lazio, in the district of Viterbo. The area is well known for its history and for the large number of Etruscan findings. Gallese is placed in an enchanting site: at the boundary between Tuscany and Umbria. The town is influenced by the climate and the landscape of the two regions. Besides, it is well connected with Rome by motorway (12 km distant) and also by railway. The Terni-Civitavecchia freeway is just few km. far. The monastery of S. Francesco was the first to be built by the "Cappuccini" congregation at the beginning of the 16th Century. The restoration of the complex was made in full respect of architectonical and stylistic details. It is surrounded by 10 ectars of emposing and delightfully scented trees. The reception halls are furnished with care and welcome the host into a refined and elegant atmosphere: sober and wisely adorned tables offer the client a romantic and exclusive catering service. The whole structure might be rent to a single guest, if required. The inside reception capacity is of about 300 people, while the front garden can accept even up to 1000. At last, a cloister, a private chapel and all kinds of tensilestructure will guarantee a unique and delightful location for any out-door or in-door cerimony, service, luncheon meeting, photo reportage or musical event.