This is the ideal temple of beauty to fulfil your love dream. Celebrating your wedding at Terme Tettuccio means giving life to a unique and extraordinary event that will be engraved on the memory of the bride, the groom and their guests forever.
Its refined and elegant style, together with its prestigious history and spectacular architecture turn Terme Tettuccio into the ideal location for an exclusive and high-quality wedding. The white-stone building has represented a source of pride for Italy, which, with this establishment, has come back to the origins of the Thermae, especially celebrated and appreciated by the Romans.
Known as “Bagno nuovo” (“New Bath”) since the XIV century, the establishment of Montecatini Terme was rebuilt during the XVIII century by the architect Gaspero Maria Paoletti, and then restored in the early XX century by Ugo Giovannozzi. [show more...]