A real oasis, in the middle of rushes and Mediterranean scrub, where once Eurasian coots, great cormorants, and even purple herons used to nest. We are in Licola, a few steps away from Naples, one of the Bourbons’ favourite hunting spots, and an inspiring scenario for poets and painters. Here, among luxuriant woods and endless expanses of olive trees and vineyards, Torre San Severino majestically dominates the entire landscape. It is a wonderful, suggestive, and prestigious house with over one thousand years of history. Probably, it dates back to the Roman period, when the Castle was used as a shelter for the Roman troops travelling between Liternum and Miseno. At that time, the tower was part of a wider series of minarets along the Phlegraean coast, which were used to sight Saracens approaching, or for optical communication through smoke signals. [show more...]