A tower like those in fairy tales, surrounded by a riot of flowers or during the winter, to experience the enchantment of a unique and special day in a place of timeless charm, exclusive and familiar, feeling at home with the wonder of having history all around: the San Severino Complex, probably, had its beginnings already in Roman times.
The Tower was part of a series of watchtowers located on the Phlegraean coast to defend the area from Saracen raids. Over the centuries, the structure has had different uses: it was a Benedictine order convent, a hunting reserve during the Bourbon kingdom, and then, at the end of the 19th century, the property was acquired by the Micillo banking family who transformed it into an excellent agricultural enterprise and which still represents one of the major productive realities of the area, permeated by the magical atmosphere that envelops this millenary structure.
The sumptuous internal hall adorned with ancient portals, the perfectly functioning fireplace room that gives the environment a warm and refined atmosphere, the elegant halls, the evocative swimming pool, the lavish gardens make Torre San Severino the perfect setting to create indelible memories.
The extensive outdoor spaces are ideal for receiving guests and friends with joyful refinement, in all seasons of the year: during the summer, the wide open spaces available to the residence are ideal for weddings, when the large entrance court is a triumph of colors and scents, among blooms, climbing roses, jasmines, hydrangeas, and bougainvillea walls. In the evening, the ancient walls, illuminated by a magical play of lights, create an enchanted atmosphere under the star-studded sky, in moments full of an emotion that should never end.
A few months later, the magic is still in every corner and the welcome in the Court brings us back to the atmosphere of the Nativity scene, with small stalls preparing traditional street food, the wood-burning braziers that burn, the glitter of the large tree through the windows.
Inside the halls, the Christmas decorations transport back in time, enhancing the splendid environments and precious furnishings. The ancient fireplace will crackle throughout the reception and will spread the characteristic scent, so good and familiar, of burning wood. The Mirror Hall is perfectly set up, while the menu, rich in Christmas references of our tradition, takes some inspiration from the countries of Northern Europe, chestnuts are accompanied by hot and spicy vin brûlé, up to a wide choice of themed corners, which will satisfy the most diverse tastes, to reach the corner of the "ciociole", the panettone with hot chocolate fondue or the cannolo filled "on sight".
Torre San Severino is an exclusive and multisensory experience, to live a perfect wedding with the certainty that it is unique.