“A Versailles in miniature near Milan” is what they say about Villa Arconati, one of the most beautiful and majestic historical residences of Lombardy. Thanks to its sumptuous and refined timeless charm, it definitely represents the ideal location for an exclusive wedding fit for a king and a queen.
Set in the monumental Groane Park, in the district of Castellazzo di Bollate, Villa Arconati has been for two centuries the ancient residence of Marquess Guido Cusani. In the XVII century, it passed to Galeazzo Arconati, who was the cousin of the cardinal Federico Borromeo, who, not long after, converted the residence into a real treasure trove of beauty, art, and culture.
The sumptuous tree-lined Viale dei Leoni leads to the residence, which was built for recreation purposes, but also as outpost in order to supervise the surrounding properties. [show more...]