“A Versailles in miniature near Milan” is what they say about Villa Arconati, one of the most beautiful and majestic historical residences of Lombardy. Thanks to its sumptuous and refined timeless charm, it definitely represents the ideal location for an exclusive wedding fit for a king and a queen.
Set in the monumental Groane Park, in the district of Castellazzo di Bollate, Villa Arconati has been for two centuries the ancient residence of Marquess Guido Cusani. In the XVII century, it passed to Galeazzo Arconati, who was the cousin of the cardinal Federico Borromeo, who, not long after, converted the residence into a real treasure trove of beauty, art, and culture.
The sumptuous tree-lined Viale dei Leoni leads to the residence, which was built for recreation purposes, but also as outpost in order to supervise the surrounding properties. Villa Arconati rapidly turned into one of the most famous and appreciated examples of Milanese Villa di Delizia architectural style. The building is surrounded by a monumental garden, with many fountains and refined statue groups.
Many of the seventy rooms of Villa Arconati are available for wedding receptions. Consider, for example, the magnificent Salone del Museo, where you can admire the Roman statue of Tiberius, historically called “Pompey the Great’s”, at whose foot Julius Caesar was murdered, according to legend. The bride and the groom with their guests will immerse themselves in the luxurious eighteenth-century atmosphere of the different rooms: the refined Sala da Ballo, decorated with exquisite stucco and gilts, which represent the typical baroque style of Lombardy; the very distinctive Sala Rossa, which was formerly used as game room with a view on the portico and the eighteenth-century French-style parterre; the Sala dei Ricevimenti, adorned with Galliari brothers’ frescoes (Galliari brothers were the scenographers of La Scala in Milan).
The twelve hectares of garden offer a perfect setting for an outdoor wedding reception, which will become the newlyweds’ unforgettable dream. In fact, Villa Arconati is famous for its monumental garden that consists of ten hectares of Italian-style garden and two of French-style garden and it is one of the few gardens of such importance that still exist in Lombardy. The vast garden is enriched with theatres, sculptures, and fountains inspired by the Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus and, since the XVII century, it has been the main attraction of the residence. The various parterre and green porticos, which once were real stages for plays, parties, and balls, nowadays represent the perfect location for an exclusive and refined banquet. The same applies to the evocative and romantic Lemonary, overlooked by the Torre delle Acque, a masterpiece of avant-garde hydraulic engineering, that is connected to the fountains of Villa Arconati and its spectacular water features.
Any corner of Villa Arconati offers a timeless and fabulous atmosphere. Shady tree-lined paths, romantic ponds, sculptures, and theatres will form the background of the happiest day of your life, which will be even more exclusive thanks to the excellent service offered by the personnel that will contribute to make that day really special and unforgettable.