A chest full of dreams, where history, art and nature harmonically live together creating a precious evidence of an ancient age. This is the portrait of Villa Bernardini, a late-Renaissance architectural jewel nestled in the shadow of the hills that gently surround the green valley of Lucca. Built by Bernardino Bernardini and finished in 1615, as the stone frieze says on the entrance architrave, Villa Bernardini represents one of the most prestigious historic houses within the Tuscan land, and it is maybe the only one that preserves the original furniture in its entirety. It was commissioned by the family and then stratified over the centuries: pieces of furniture, stuccos, canvas, furnishings, silverware, silk… Everything in Villa Bernardini exactly respects the glorious past. Therefore, anyone that enters these rooms feels a strong impulse to come back to the past, to get a breath of the evocative and palpable ancient charm that characterises every corner. [show more...]