An old proverb says: Cu’ voli puisia, venga ‘n Sicilia. Who wants poetry should come to Sicily. There is nothing more poetic, and magical, than a wedding in Sicily, a wonderful region that blends sky, land, and sea together, a rugged, welcoming, opulent, and splendid land, full of contradictions that vanish before an incomparable beauty. In Palermo, a cultural melting pot where history whispers at every step, Villa Chiaramonte Bordonaro is an Art Nouveau jewel, created by the talented architect Ernesto Basile for the baron and senator of the Reign Gabriele Chiaramonte Bordonaro. It was built between 1893 and 1896, and tells in every room the history of the family that has been living here since the beginning. Therefore, it is a throbbing and lively place, which turns on imagination thanks to satin and damask, pieces of porcelain, silverware, valuable Murano chandeliers, in a sumptuous and noble atmosphere, ideal for memorable wedding receptions. [show more...]