Situated in the heart of the Vejo historic Park, only fifteen minutes from Via Veneto, Villa Dafne Majestic is located in a panoramic position.
Outside Villa Dafne Majestic provides the "Patio" (700 spaces) which overlooks the Roman Chapel (60 spaces) adjoining the villa, the Poolside (250 spaces) with the Garden at Italian style, the Park of the pine forest and ample parking (300 parking spaces) guarded.
Inside the entrance of representation, the Great "Hall of the Camino" (90 spaces), the "Hall Dafne" (180 spaces) overlooking the garden, and the private lounge of the "Library Hall" (40 spaces) for a chat in peace. The first-floor panoramic "Majestic Hall" can accommodate events for numerous guests (380 spaces), while the "Blue Room" (40 spaces) is suitable to enjoy a moment of relaxation.
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