A jewel set among the superb and majestic beauty of Imperial Rome. Located in the heart of Appia Antica and close to the nymphaeum of what was once the residence of the consuls Sesto Quintilio Valerio and Condiano, Villa Quintili is a magnificent historical residence that caters to a sensitive, refined and demanding clientele, both for the service and for the uniqueness of the environment.
The Villa, which can accommodate up to 300 people and is surrounded by a vast park of four hectares, is undoubtedly the ideal location for a high-level wedding reception, memorable and exclusive in the name of elegance. The Spanish style that can be recognized in numerous details is due to the kinship of Prince Del Drago, who commissioned it, with the royals of Spain. The large rooms, embellished by the designer Marco Gobbi in the 1970’s with busts of Roman emperors and neoclassical furniture, give an environment in perfect harmony with the monumental landscape that surrounds the structure.
At Villa Quintili every wedding reception is celebrated to perfection, with an impeccable style and an atmosphere full of charm and splendor. The events are organized in a way as to make all guests feel at ease. According to the request, dance entertainment is provided, or an intimate atmosphere is offered, immersed in the enchantment of the green while the children, if numerous, will be entertained by animators. The goal is to reach perfection by taking care of every little detail. In the rooms of Villa Quintili you can experience the most beautiful day of your life surrounded by a magical atmosphere and the precious and refined decorations of its interiors. While in the evening you will amaze guests with a play of lights and torches.
The pride of this spectacular location, also requested by many Italian and foreign directors to shoot the scenes of their films, consists of an impeccable catering service with attention to detail, which is supported by the collaboration of renowned chefs and world-class cooks. The meticulous attention to detail will accompany every stage of the wedding reception thanks to personalized services.

Hence you can opt for a traditional and classic lunch at the table or for a sumptuous buffet in the most evocative corners of the villa and the park where, with the utmost care, diversified buffets will be set up according with different culinary traditions. If the ceremony will be celebrated in the early afternoon, guests can get together for cocktails in the splendor of the garden, accompanied by music.
In all cases, the care of the presentation and details will be a fundamental element, thanks to the excellent management of the Fiorucci family that makes available to the spouses the best professionals in the sector, able to make your wedding a unique and absolutely memorable event.