Clinging to the spire of a hill that gently surrounds the town of Varese, Villa Esengrini Montalbano is one of the most fascinating examples of a historic villa in neoclassical-liberty style. This magnificent residence was designed in 1875 by the illustrious architect Emilio Alemagna, who designed, among other things, the famous Parco Sempione in Milan, and today it is the ideal setting to transform the yes day into an exclusive, unforgettable and unique event. Walking along the long avenue immersed in the lush park populated with conifers, rhododendrons and perennial flowers, you reach the Villa, which stands out from afar in all its majestic beauty. It is surrounded by a breathtaking landscape, which stretches from Lake Varese to Monte Rosa, circling the Alps, the Sacro Monte and the old town centre. The property, which is offered exclusively to the newlyweds, consists of two distinct structures: the historic Villa and the former stables. A characteristic, this one, that allows to modulate the events and to tailor them according to one's desires and needs, always guaranteeing an excellent plan B, for example in case of bad weather.
The historic Villa, which can accommodate up to 160 people comfortably, consists of three magnificent halls accessed through an imposing staircase, heritage of Fine Arts, often used as a film set. Decorated ceilings, antique floors, precious frescoes and a unique atmosphere characterize these sumptuous halls where charm, magic and elegance reign supreme. The Villa, which has been recently renovated to enhance the historicity of the building and at the same time make it totally functional and welcoming, also provides the bride with the first floor so that she can prepare in peace and quiet before the ceremony.
Next to the Villa are the former stables, a charming and versatile space consisting of three large halls overlooking the romantic courtyard covered by a structure made of iron and glass, which can accommodate up to 240 people. This enchanting winter garden is the ideal set for opening dances with a welcome aperitif, for the fateful cutting of the cake or for a refined banquet where the lights emanating from candles, lanterns and braziers magically reflect on the glass dome creating a fairy-tale atmosphere without equal. The religious ceremony can be celebrated in the marvellous Church of S. Antonio alla Motta located in front of the entrance of the Villa, while for the civil rite the town of Varese is only a five minutes walk away. The large terrace next to the Villa, on the other hand, is ideal for the symbolic ceremony, as is the charming lemon house, an enchanting circular natural stage surrounded by fragrant lemon trees which can also be used for aperitifs or for cutting the cake.
Whatever the mood you want to give to the ceremony, the end result will be surprising, magical and top-notch. All this under the careful supervision of a professional and discreet staff, able to advise and follow the newlyweds along the way with the aim of ensuring the realization of a memorable and perfect event from every point of view.