Villa Esengrini Montalbano, one of the most fascinating examples of historic Villa of timeless charm, designed in 1874 by architect Alemagna in Neoclassic-Liberty style, was the place where the Liberation was declared officially with the election of the new mayor of Varese on April 24th, 1945.
The property is located on the top of Colle Montalbano in the center of Varese, it is surrounded by 43.000 square meters of park and enjoys a panoramic view of Lake Varese, Monte Rosa and the City.
With decorated ceilings, wooden details and a unique atmosphere, Villa Esengrini Montalbano is a real reference point for your events and weddings in a special environment, characterized by a neo-classical style which keeps its charm intact over the time.
Recently renovated to preserve and enhance the historicity of the building and at the same time to make it functional and welcoming to host events and weddings. [show more...]