The villa was built in complete form and on a unitary project in the first half of the seventeenth century at the behest of the Zambelli family. When ownership passed to the patrician Girolamo Ascanio Molin, during the 18th century, a period of great cultural activity began for the Villa and the rooms were a meeting point for writers and artists, the living room of the thinking minds of the time.
Subsequently, following Paola Molin's marriage to Count Carlo Giusti, the Villa became available to the Giusti del Giardino family in the 19th century.
Count Girolamo, son of the countess, initiated a major transformation in the first half of the 19th century, creating a park of clear romantic inspiration, which was inaugurated in 1861.
Very close to the historic center of Bassano del Grappa, between Vicenza, Padua and Treviso, Villa Giusti is the ideal location for your wedding thanks to the large and well-kept garden that surrounds it, the internal environments rich in history, elegant and romantic, which make as an ideal setting for the reception.
The main room can accommodate up to 190 seats, while other adjacent rooms can be used for support or to create alternative settings.
A space for dancing is inevitable to end your day in joy.
For more intimate ceremonies, the Villa also has a lovely little church for the celebration of the wedding ceremony.