A vast garden populated by century-old trees and fountains and entirely shrouded by a romantic and suggestive Y-shaped pond, where graceful swans flutter around, mirroring themselves curiously in the water that sinuously refracts the lights all around - this is how we are welcomed by Villa Grimaldi, a stunning 18th-century historic residence nestled among the rolling hills that envelop Castelfranco Emilia, between Bologna and Modena. The Villa is part of a small ancient hamlet, once the core and storehouse of the entire Grimaldi Beccadelli farm estate and now the site of a private Rural History Museum. A cloak of intriguing mystery veils its history. According to historical reports, two churches existed in the 1300s in the locality of Riolo: St. Peter and St. John. It can be assumed that the St. John complex was located in the area that later became Villa Grimaldi. That of Riolo represented the most important Emilian estate of the Grimaldis, direct descendants of the princes of Monaco. Due to major political upheavals, the ancestor Stefano left Genoa in 1478 to take refuge in Reggio Emilia; from here, the family moved to the thriving Bologna, then the capital of silk production, and purchased houses, land, and even spinning mills there. In this city, Teresa Margherita, daughter of the Bolognese senator Jacopo Ottavio Beccadelli, married Grimaldi, thus originating the Grimaldi-Beccadelli line, which owned the eponymous villa until the late 1800s. However, the current appearance of the Villa, definitely from the 18th century, has led to the assumption that two earlier and very different adjacent buildings were incorporated: one rustic and the other featuring a walk-through loggia, typical of country residences. Today this charming historic residence welcomes all newlyweds who wish to make their wedding day a memorable and unique event to be cherished forever in their hearts' memory. A fairy-tale place, which comes to life in the middle of a park where every detail is taken care of, thus providing the ideal setting for a sophisticated and exclusive outdoor reception. History, charm, elegance, and emotion are the mandatory ingredients of this outstanding location, where nothing is taken for granted and replicable. Starting from the embrace of water that characterizes the garden, a set full of charm and magic where the reflection of the trees in the pond and the amazing effect of refraction offer a unique and fascinating show that can be, on request, enhanced through specific lighting. On the inside, spacious, well-kept, and comfortable rooms with original frescoed ceilings from the 1700s and 1800s and embellished with original Bassano chandeliers can accommodate from 80 to 250 people. Also, there is a spacious marquee, ideal for providing the best view of the garden surrounded on three sides not adjacent to the Villa by the pond. The bride and groom can count on an exclusive Wedding Planner service that will coordinate and oversee the event's organization at 360 degrees to ensure that the wedding day will be perfect and unforgettable in all aspects. Partners of the Villa are only and exclusively selected banquets and buffets, capable of creating high-level ones with a menu featuring typical Emilian or Mediterranean cuisine.