Villa il Ferrale extends over the hills around Vinci, near the city of Anchiano.
It is a sober and elegand building with a huge panoramic garden. From the garden terrace there is a wonderful view of the old town and the surrounding countryside, with vast fields of olive trees. This is one of the most evocative landscape of Tuscany.
The villa is often associated with the name of Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance genius, as also the home of Anchiano, where he was born the illustrious character, was once part of the vast estate that surrounded the manor.
In a room of the ground floor of the Villa there is the prestigious stone fireplace, that come from the house of Da Vinci. It was moved from his house in the nineteenth century.
Near the Villa, positioned in a unique panoramic position, is located the farm, currently used for events. Outside the Villa there is a traditional italian garden whit his charming chapel dedicated to S. S. Antonio and Francesco. [show more...]