Villa Il Labirinto

300 years of history

An eighteenth-century villa that preserves the memory of the medieval castle. It is the main characteristic of Villa Il Labirinto, an exclusive and elegant historic house near Brescia. It is surrounded by poplars, hornbeams, and centuries-old plants, on the ruins of an old medieval castle, which is recalled by the moat full of fish and water lilies, and characterized by its drawbridges. Villa Il Labirinto represents a unique example in the history of architecture, given that it embraces both the typical style of a medieval castle and the one of a sumptuous eighteenth-century villa. This is a peculiarity that make this place the perfect location for any high-level wedding reception.
Even if it is only a few kilometres away from the old town of Brescia, this villa is entirely surrounded by nature. When the newlyweds cross the majestic drawbridge at the entrance, they will be welcomed by twittering birds, ducks in the moat, and hares pirouetting in the park. They will be suddenly catapulted into an evocative medieval atmosphere, which will turn the wedding day into a dream. The refined halls, full of frescos, which lead to the sunny atrium decorated with white columns show the guests all the splendour and worldliness of the XVIII century. A unique and unrepeatable architectural experience, as one of the main art historians, Carlo Perogalli, says. He “gives it a totally unreplaceable role”.
The court of Villa Il Labirinto represents the ideal location to organize the welcome aperitif, with its refined portico, characterized by high Doric columns, and a garden adorned with a series of classical statues. A spectacular scenography, enhanced by the extraordinary nineteenth-century park, dominated by a tree-lined path, which is over 600 metres long. The path, designed by architect Vincenzo Berenzi, has a particular exedra shape, which recalls the colonnade in St. Peter’s Square, realized by Bernini. In the middle, there is an evocative small temple that shows its neoclassical style, and an evocative hornbeam-hedge labyrinth, in fact the Villa is named after it. A scenario of rare and valuable beauty, which is able to turn the wedding day into an unforgettable dream.

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Golden Crown

In order to ensure the high standards required, the selection criteria adopted by the Certification Commission are very strict and also include:

  • More than 163.662 Club Members' suggestions and recommendations
  • Scores obtained during anonymous Quality Control inspections
  • Renovations quality
  • Presence of elements of historical, artistic and cultural relevance
  • Rooms' intimacy and exclusivity
  • Notoriety, reviews, references from certified partners
  • Advertisement and information pack (website, brochures, catalogues, etc...)
  • Reception service and customization level

On 27 May 2023 Villa Il Labirinto has obtained the approval of the Certification Commission and confirmed the award of the prestigious Residenze d'Epoca Golden Crown. Villa Il Labirinto has successfully passed all 50 periodic Quality Controls required by the Certification Protocol for the Golden Crown classification level.

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Villa Il Labirinto


Via Labirinto, 320 - 25125 Brescia






Luisa Pirlo

Opening period

Da marzo a dicembre

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Villa Il Labirinto is regularly registered in the Italian Register of Historic Houses of Excellence
Latest release: 27 April 2023
Ref. Certification Protocol: 8732/117.23

Villa Il Labirinto


  • Facilities

    Internal church: Little private chapel

    Car parking: Private Parking

    Fireplace room

  • Events

    External capacity 400

    Internal capacity 200

    Plenary hall capacity 110: 110/120

    Event or banquet halls 200

  • General services

    People with disabilities

    Civil ceremony: Simbolic

  • Restaurant and food services

    Internal catering: Selectev Catering of our choice

Villa Il Labirinto



100% COVID-FREE historic house

Villa Il Labirinto has adhered to the official prevention protocol "Historic House Healthsafe" which ensures the highest level of safety and health in full compliance with the health regulations for the containment of the COVID-19 infection.

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Villa Il Labirinto

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