Eighteenth-century villa near Brescia, combines castle shapes with elegant rococo and neoclassical interiors. Immersed in a leafy countryside between poplars, huts and centuries-old plants, the villa was built by the architect Turbini on the remains of an ancient medieval castle whose moat is rich with fish and water lilies, surrounding the historic building, with Its lifting bridges.
Inside frescoed frescoes, elegant porticoed by high Doric columns, garden at noon with stone balustrade decorated with classic statues, 19th century park with tree-lined avenues designed by Berenzi architect in the form of trilobata esedra formed by over 400 specimens of secular carpini , With the background of a neoclassical temple that is clinging to ancient temples. Recently restored the ancient labyrinth of hornbeam hedges. Present small private chapel. The villa has been the subject of numerous publications, a set of cinemas and photographic sets.