An eighteenth-century villa that preserves the memory of the medieval castle. It is the main characteristic of Villa Il Labirinto, an exclusive and elegant historic house near Brescia. It is surrounded by poplars, hornbeams, and centuries-old plants, on the ruins of an old medieval castle, which is recalled by the moat full of fish and water lilies, and characterized by its drawbridges. Villa Il Labirinto represents a unique example in the history of architecture, given that it embraces both the typical style of a medieval castle and the one of a sumptuous eighteenth-century villa. This is a peculiarity that make this place the perfect location for any high-level wedding reception.
Even if it is only a few kilometres away from the old town of Brescia, this villa is entirely surrounded by nature. When the newlyweds cross the majestic drawbridge at the entrance, they will be welcomed by twittering birds, ducks in the moat, and hares pirouetting in the park. [show more...]