A nineteenth-century villa that seems a gothic castle suspended between earth and sky, dominates the luxuriant grasses surrounding the area of Brianza. Crossing the gate of Villa Lattuada, you immediately enter a dreamlike dimension, shrouded in the enchantment of a vague and indefinite time, which nearly stuns you for its majestic beauty and takes your breath away.
Nestled in a balcony surrounded by greenery, which guarded the historic St. James Convent, this spectacular historic residence is the ideal location for a fabulous and dreamlike wedding, thanks to its mysterious charm that awakens a combination of deep and variegated emotions in people’s soul: from astonishment to imagination of an ancient era, crowded with dames, pages and knights.
The erection of the Villa was commissioned by Francesco Lattuada, in 1850. Its structure is very peculiar and his look is certainly outside the box, thanks to architect Antonio Tagliaferri, who projected it realising a fascinating, eclectic and romantic synthesis, and probably it is his masterpiece. The elegant shape of the facades, adorned with white marble garnishes, two panoramic towers, the pinnacles, the sharp finials and the sloped roofs recall ancient memories related to the enigmatic German castles and the majestic gothic cathedrals. It is a magnificent and solemn building, the only one in Brianza for its style, but it is in perfect harmony with the romantic and soft landscape.
The airy and huge centuries-old park surrounding Villa Lattuada is the ideal setting for the welcome aperitif and a refined outdoor reception. It offers a wide view of the luxuriant hills that characterize this land. The building is surrounded by different shades of green, soft thuja, magnolia, oak and beech forests. With the aid of a telescope, you can admire the Resegone and the Grigne. The well-lit interiors, decorated with parquets, stuccos, carved overdoors, windows and boiseries, speak the same serene and luminous language as their lawns. Here the bride and the groom can carry out their exclusive wedding banquet, adorned with flower garnishes, beech leaves, pastel colours, which softly create a pleasant reflection of light between interior and exterior.
Nothing is left to chance is Villa Lattuada, and every corner is like a painting that perfectly match the peaceful and beautiful harmonious feeling that characterizes this place. Thanks to the fabulous atmosphere, the soft light, the pleasant colours and the multiple spaces full of history and magic, your wedding day in Villa Lattuada will be an unforgettable dream that you will keep forever in your heart.