Surrounded by a wonderful old-centuries park full of holm oaks, oaks and magnolia, Villa Le Molina is a spectacular historic residence located in Molina di Quosa, an old Medieval hamlet between Valle del Serchio and Monte Pisano ridge. The Villa was designed during the second half of the XVI century and built during the first half of the XVII century for the noble family of Agliata, who owned the property for more than two centuries. In 1840, it passed to the Princes Corsini and then to Pozzo di Borgo family, who were distantly related to Napoleon. Thanks to many important eighteenth-century works requested by Agliata family, the building shows a typical C structure: the main body, adorned with a Tuscan five-arches loggia, was improved with two lateral wings, which form a spacious courtyard, closed by a majestic gate. [show more...]