Surrounded by the magic of the Tuscan countryside, interspersed with eighteenth-century farmhouses, clay cliffs and luxuriant hills covered with olive trees and vineyards, Villa Monsoglio is one of the most sumptuous and important historic residences in Valdarno. This Villa was built on the ruins of an ancient hospital dedicated to St. Catald and called “Ospedale dell’Isoletta” (Islet Hospital). The noble family of Peruzzi, towards the end of the XVII century, turned that hospital into a countryside residence, adorned with very refined frescos and surrounded by a wonderful Italian-style garden that matches the evocative landscape around, which recall’s Da Vinci’s works of art.
In fact, between 1502 and 1503, it seems that Leonardo da Vinci visited this enchanted place and that the landscape surrounding Villa Monsoglio inspired the artist so much that he decided to turn it into the background of the most famous and cryptic masterpiece in the history of art: the Mona Lisa, which dates back to 1503, indeed. It would be already enough to turn Villa Monsoglio into the perfect location for a magical wedding. But there is much more. Tenuta Monsoglio has been the set for shooting the movie “The Cyclone”, directed by Leonardo Pieraccioni, and also many other movies, thanks to its natural beauty that characterizes the entire place.
The romantic tree-lined entrance path leads to the elegant and harmonious building, whose structure is inspired by Buontalenti’s architectural style. The building has a well-proportioned rectangular shape. Its baroque double staircase was erected between 1573 and 1574, when Buontalenti himself visited Laterina to restore the Romito and probably built the staircase as well. This majestic staircase preludes the sumptuous interiors, whose majority was frescoed by Bimbacci and his disciples. In this area, the bride and the groom can invent their own personal solutions for their unforgettable banquet, thanks to the versatility of the elegant, evocative and first-class halls.
The ideal location of the welcome aperitif or the wedding-cake cutting is, of course, the extraordinary Italian-style garden: it is aesthetically impeccable, with its geometric sequence of flowerbeds and box hedge plants that finish their rhythmic design with a scrub, an allegoric small forest in the shadow, where you can take refuge after crossing the garden area itself.
Recently, Villa Monsoglio has been appointed by the Town Hall of Letarina as “municipal house”. That means that civil weddings are allowed in the building, and the mayor or one of his delegates can celebrate the rite. Furthermore, thanks to the law that regulates civil unions, same-sex couples as well can say “yes” in Villa Monsoglio, opting for the wonderful halls adorned with frescos, the lovely garden, or even the shadow of the centuries-old oaks, symbol of a strong and infinite love.