Villa Monteverdi, a noble dwelling of the Marquises Incontri, is a historic jewel immersed in the green of an ancient park right in the center of the city, but still in the countryside: a unique and incredible combination that only a fifteen-century villa can offer.
Iacopo Incontri bought the villa in 1784 and therefore he was given the title of Marquis of Monteverdi. After almost a century the house was sold and bought again in 1942, when it was restored preserving its principle nucleus, where numerous ancient busts and statues are kept.
Villa Monteverdi is an enchanting location, where you can live stories of princes and princesses, aristocrats and noblewomen; the ideal scenery to live your wedding day or your unique event in exclusive spaces and with tailored services, all surrounded by the beauty of this villa beyond time.
You can organize your wedding in every season of the year, hosting your intimate or sumptuous reception in the beautiful internal rooms where ancient furniture, statues, colonnades, winged cherubs and ancient paintings are kept in a warm atmosphere of a noble scenery.
The external spaces consist of a tiled terrace with enlightened walls, a small garden in front of the villa and an enormous Fairy Park, where the trees offer shaded spaces where an aperitif or a dinner can be served.