Villa Peyron at the Bosco di Fontelucente with its dream location is definitely the perfect setting for a fairytale-like wedding that will forever be carved into the memory of hearts.
This spectacular historic residence, in fact, is perched on the wonderful hills that oversee Florence, surrounded by an immense estate that includes an Italian terraced garden and a lush forest where the 16th-century spring, that gives its name to the town, gushes.
The Villa was presumably built over Etruscan ruins, given the remains of cyclopean walls that emerge in the park. The appearance of the structure is influenced by a strong eclecticism that refers to the models of the Tuscan Romanesque style, as it can be seen from the front elevation of the building, adorned with arches supported by corbels that reflect the solutions of typical medieval defensive architecture.
The Park of Villa Peyron is unique in the Italian panorama and is influenced by the passion of its founder, Paolo Peyron, who, without the help of professionals, created this wonderful garden over time, thus achieving a composition of rare beauty.
The Villa owes its name to the presence of a lush forest that mixes with its Italian gardens, developed on three terraces descending towards Florence, and with the many fountains (hence the name Fontelucente) distributed in the property and fed by a fifteenth-century spring that gives life to a romantic lake surrounded by olive groves, typical of the Florentine hills.
The Italian style garden, decorated with box hedges, is embellished with ornamental statues in Palladian style coming from the Venetian villas on the Brenta, which replace the ones lost during the Second World War.
For an intimate reception, you can opt for the ground floor terrace with two linked rooms, which can accommodate up to 60 people and are also ideal for ending the wedding banquet dancing. On the first floor, instead, there is a refined and spacious room connected to the Terrazza delle Rose.
Obviously at Villa Peyron the main feature is the garden, full of evocative and unique views capable of transforming the wedding day into a daydream.
Thus, at the Fontana del Forcone, in the lower part of the garden, it is possible to celebrate the symbolic rite. While going up towards the Villa there is a charming corner with a terrace that has a splendid view of the lake, the ideal setting for a romantic and classy welcome drink. The lake also turns into a mirror for spectacular fireworks and is the perfect setting for special photographs. Upon request, it is possible to animate the reception with theatrical activities in Renaissance costumes and with the famous Florentine flag-wavers.