Villa Porro Pirelli rises from the same walls of an old residence belonging to the noble Counts from the Porro family.
The story of Villa Porro Pirelli is inextricably tied to the events surrounding the Porro dynasty, a noble family of Lombardy feudal lords that lived there for nearly 400 years starting in 1504. In 1947, it was purchased by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, senator and known industrialist from Milan.
The horseshoe structure of the building contains the villas magnificent rooms, renovated to restore their antique splendour.
Situated just a few kilometres from the Varese city centre on the first hills leading into the Campo dei Fiori Regional Park, the Villa Porro Pirelli Hotel offers exquisite hospitality and the warm atmosphere of a period home.
At ten minutes from the Varese city centre, Villa Porto Pirelli is a splendid Patrician house with timeless charm that will serve as the backdrop for your wedding.
The small eighteenth century church at Villa Porro Pirelli is the perfect place if your dream is an intimate, picturesque religious ceremony.
Let yourself be captivated by the Villa’s elegance and sophistication for your wedding reception. Every dining room in Villa Porro Pirelli is unique, just like your wedding.