Nestled in the heart of Busto Garolfo, between the moorland and the irrigated plain near Milan, Villa Rescalli Villoresi is a wonderful seventeenth-century noble residence, built by the Rescalli family, counts of San Vittore Olona.
The Villa, which proposes options typical of the villas of Piacenza and Parma, shows a U structure pointing towards the central square of the village, with whom it is scenographically connected through a path that forms a visual telescope that crosses the majestic gate of the court, the residence, and the monumental park. The building consists of a main body and a series of farm buildings located along the different courts surrounded by the wonderful English-style park that covers about 25,000 m2 of land. This is a sumptuous and elegant Villa that, with its multiple and versatile spaces, represents the ideal location for a refined, exclusive and unforgettable wedding. [show more...]