Villa eighteenth century, known as Villa Bifulco, the result of the school Vanvitelliana, is a perfect synthesis of the eighteenth-century neoclassicism. The Villa was home to many famous figures of the past, including Gabriele D'Annunzio.
Recognized in the group of famous Vesuvian Villas, undisputed protagonists of the Golden Mile. The uniqueness of the location is ensured by the simultaneous presence of two elements oxymoronic: the elegance of line and form and functionality instead of a typical rural dwelling.
The house was built in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.
From a series of balconies and terraces you can admire a double view: on one hand the grandeur of Mount Vesuvius, on the other hand the refined delicacy of the Grove of the Camellias.
The Garden of the Villa is a true wonder of nature. With its magically transformed into a veritable botanical garden, which is accessed by a large exedra, along a road that branches out in a series of trails embellished with seats and rests in lava rock.
A unique garden will be enjoyed by your guests.