Also known by the name il Boschetto, Villa Verità Fraccaroli is located at the foot of the hill of San Briccio, in San Pietro di Lavagno, surrounded by hectars of vineyards which give life to the great local wines produced in Verona, such as Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso, Amarone and Recioto.
Built in the 2nd half of 1500 according to the will of the poet and philosopher Gerolamo Verità, the villa develops on an estate which carries the signs of a more ancient time, as the old remnants dated back to the Roman Age show.
Property of the Verità family, in the late 1700 the villa passed to the Montanari Counts and in 1900 to the Grassi family. Today owned by the Fraccaroli family, the villa still shows off its historical magnificence.
Today the villa is owned by the Fraccaroli family, who keep intact its historical magnificence thanks to their daily care and dedication. [show more...]