Respect and wonder. These are the feelings provoked by the Castle of Lonato, generally called Rocca, an impressive fort with a thousand-year old soul that majestically dominates the entire basin of the Lake Garda. Respect: for its prestigious thousand-year old history. And wonder: for its impressive grandeur.
Nestled on the peak of one of the moraine hills looking onto the south of the Lake, the fortification, formerly used for military and defensive purposes, nowadays is one of the most impressive ones in Lombardy. The Rocca, even praised by Napoleon Bonaparte, who, under its walls fought the bloody Battle of Lonato against the Austrian army, over the centuries has hosted the counts of Montichiari, the Scaligers, and the Visconti in 1376. In fact, Bernabò Visconti improved the building and expanded its walls up to the populated hamlet. In 1912, it was declared national monument. [show more...]