"That branch of the Lake of Como, which turns toward the south...". It is enough to say that this opening line of "The Betrothed" to materialize in our minds one of the most heartbreaking and romantic sceneries of our country and perhaps the whole world. After all, it was Manzoni himself who, speaking of Lecco, called it "a town that I would consider one of the most beautiful in the world." Here, among gentle knolls and dramatic slopes embraced by lush forests and golden vineyards, lies a magical village with a lake behind it, famed for its cultivation of "ronchi", silk production and lakeside cultivation. Set in this little paradise lies a charming and suggestive historic residence, a favorite destination for those who wish to make their wedding day a daydream: Wirnica. Back in the 16th century, this residence was a small monastic complex that later became a garrison under Napoleon. Later, this structure was expanded and converted into a private home for an aristocratic silk manufacturer. The silk factory is now a museum that commemorates the role played by silk in making Garlate economically prominent. Still owned today by the Gnecchi family, this villa still preserves that ancient charm that remained unchanged over the centuries. Crossing the threshold of Wirnica, guests are immediately taken into a dimension suspended in time and space. First, the wonderful and well-kept four-thousand-meter park with breathtaking views of the lake envelops the entire mansion like a warm embrace. The bride and groom can host a refined outdoor banquet or welcome guests with a lavish welcome drink overlooking the lake. The two-story private park also features a superb swimming pool, which once served as a drying room for silkworms, an ideal setting for the fateful cutting of the cake, perhaps under the light of a romantic starry night. The interiors boast a refined and elegant style and include unique pieces that, like a time machine, will take the bride and groom and their guests back to the 16th century. Unique details, capable of making the wedding reception an exclusive and special event that will remain forever impressed in your memory. All this is supported by a highly qualified staff, which will make every effort with professionalism and utmost care to ensure that the bride and groom can live their fairytale day on the "branch of Lake Como."