Wedding Capalbio

  • SPAO Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus

    Medieval castle, sec.XII - Terni

    Simplicity and class, along with the natural beauty of the spectacular landscape offered by the Umbrian countryside and a history full of charm and suggestion. Legend says that Antico ... continua

    Distance from Capalbio: circa 59 km


    Seal of Excellence
    latest release: 12 February 2019

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Historic houses for holiday Capalbio

  • Castello di Proceno
    Castle, sec.X
    Viterbo - from Capalbio about 47 km

    “A noble and even impregnable Castle”. In 1463, with these words, Pope Pius II described Castello di Proceno in his Commentarii. It is one of the most important medieval ...

  • SPAO Borgo San Pietro Aquaeortus
    Medieval castle, sec.XII
    Terni - from Capalbio about 59 km

    Antico Borgo San Pietro Acquaeortus is a real refuge for your soul, a place suspended in time and space at the borders of Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany. According to legend, its name derives ...

Luxury locations for meeting Capalbio

  • Borgo di Castelvecchio
    Historic hotel, sec.XIII
    Siena - from Capalbio about 63 km

    In the shadow of a great elm tree, in the middle of the Piazzone, heart of the Borgo, the terrace of the ancient Granaio is covered by a wisteria. Inside, two large salons with majestic ...

  • Villa Clodia
    Historic house, sec.XIX
    Rome - from Capalbio about 69 km

    Prestigious exclusive panoramic villa with personalized menu price "Villa included", surrounded by greenery with wonderful views over the lake and Castle of Bracciano and just ...

  • Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi
    Historic hotel, sec.XVIII
    Rome - from Capalbio about 73 km

    Dimora storica risalente alla II^ metà del XIX secolo, le Antiche Scuderie Odescalchi offrono la location ideale per organizzare eventi di vario genere: banchetti, ricevimenti, ...

  • Borgo La Grancia
    Medieval castle, sec.XIII
    Siena - from Capalbio about 80 km

    The Borgo La Grancia is a great fortified estate built in the thirteenth century by the Ospedale of Santa Maria della Scala. It's made of ancient courtyards, a wide and verdant roof ...

  • Casale di Polline
    Country house, sec.XVI
    Rome - from Capalbio about 80 km

    An ancient farmhouse, with foundations dating back to the beginning of the 17th century, just a few minutes away from the centre of Rome, surrounded by farmland and set between the lakes ...

  • La Posta Vecchia
    Luxury villa, sec.XVII
    Rome - from Capalbio about 81 km

    La Posta Vecchia has always been synonymous of excellence and uniqueness for meetings and events of the highest and most demanding levels. This villa is a blend of timeless charm and ...

  • Residenza Antica Flaminia
    Historic house, sec.XVI
    Viterbo - from Capalbio about 86 km

    An atmosphere of stories from long ago, the enchantment of beautiful landscapes, the exclusiveness of a breathtaking location and excellence in every detail: these are the key elements ...

  • La Fortezza Alta
    Castle, sec.XV
    Terni - from Capalbio about 86 km

    Fortezza Alta is an antique Medieval structure. Once a defensive stronghold for pilgrims, it rises in the green heart of the Umbrian hillside, in-between Todi and Amelia, just an hour ...

  • Villa di Monte Solare
    Luxury villa, sec.XVIII
    Perugia - from Capalbio about 89 km

    There is truly no better location than the idyllic surroundings of Umbria to host an upcoming event. Beautifully situated within the heart of the region, the Villa Monte Solare offers ...

  • Abbazia Sette Frati - Fratres
    Abbey and monastery, sec.XI
    Perugia - from Capalbio about 89 km

    At 15 minutes from Lake Trasimeno, the Agriturismo Fratres is located inside the Abbazia dei Sette Frati, Benedictine abbey of the twelfth century, with frescoes commissioned by Cardinal ...

  • Tenuta di Boccea
    Country house, sec.XVIII
    Rome - from Capalbio about 92 km

    A pochi minuti dal centro di Roma, al quattordicesimo chilometro della Via di Boccea, immerso in un incantevole parco secolare, sorge l'antico casale della storica Tenuta di Boccea con ...

  • Casale della Muletta
    Country house, sec.XIX
    Rome - from Capalbio about 93 km

    In the middle of a three hectares park there is "Casale della Muletta". Reminiscent the old houses of the Roman countryside and offers large space elegantly furnished. Composed ...

  • Abbazia di Sant'Andrea in Flumine
    Abbey and monastery, sec.VIII
    Rome - from Capalbio about 95 km

    Ideal location for organizing corporate meetings, conferences, exhibitions, the abbey has both small and features rooms suitable for small meetings, both large conference rooms. Upstairs ...

  • Casali Margherita
    Luxury villa, sec.XIX
    Rome - from Capalbio about 97 km

    A few steps from Rome, surrounded by Vejo Natural Park, this charming villa is the perfect place to celebrate any type of event: from weddings, baptisms, communions, cocktail parties, ...

  • Tenuta il Tinello
    Historic house, sec.VII
    Rome - from Capalbio about 99 km

    Immersed in an ancient park of two hectares, located in Filacciano, an ancient medieval town, only at 30 minutes from the center of Rome, Tenuta Il Tinello is a XVIIth century cellar ...

  • Villa Dafne Majestic
    Historic hotel, sec.XVII
    Rome - from Capalbio about 100 km

    Situated in the heart of the Vejo historic Park, only fifteen minutes from Via Veneto, Villa Dafne Majestic is located in a panoramic position. Outside Villa Dafne Majestic provides ...


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A higher-level certification reserved to higher-level historic residences: 100 Quality Controls, 10 verification phases, 3 months of evaluation. To date, only 108 historic residences out 7838 candidates have got the title of "Historic House of Excellence" and have entered by right the collection of the best Italian historic houses.

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The real secret for a memorable wedding

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